Croft Woodlands Project

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This project includes several of the partners and wider stakeholders in the Woodland Crofts Partnership, including Woodland Trust Scotland and the Scottish Crofting Federation, and the two initiatives are working closely together to support woodland management on crofts.

The Croft Woodlands Project offers free advice and support to crofters, common grazings and the wider crofting community to create new, mixed woodland and shelterbelts or improve the management of existing native woodland. Support is also available to smallholders in the Crofting Counties.

This includes:

  • a site visit from a woodland advisor
  • follow up information including a site report, map and outline budget/cashflow
  • help with funding and grant applications

Croft Woodlands Project outline

Croft Woodlands Project Leaflet May 2017

The Project is running until mid 2020 and employs 3 area based staff and a project manager who can be contacted for further information:

DonnieChisholm web


Donnie Chisholm (Highlands & Northern Isles)
Tel: 0343 770 5847 Mob: 07502 014387


VivHalcrow web


Viv Halcrow (Western Isles)
Tel: 03437705856 Mob: 07876 217034


IonaHyde web


Iona Hyde (Argyll & Lochaber)
Tel: 0343 770 5460 Mob: 07840 699427


EleanorGarty web


Eleanor Garty (Project Manager)
Tel: 0343 770 5818 Mob: 07825 823979