Woodland Crofts Progress Report
Report to the Woodland Crofts Implementation Group, July 2011 (267kb)

Woodland Crofts Steering Group Final Report
The Potential and Practicalities of Forest Crofts: Steering Group Report
2006 report focusing on use of the national forest estate for woodland crofts, but highlighting their benefits more generally. Still one of the best arguments for the development of woodland crofts.


Forest Ownership in Scotland – A Scoping Study
Published by the Forest Policy Group, February 2012 (6Mb)

Human Dimensions of Family, Farm and Community Forestry
Proceedings of an international symposium held at Washington State University in 2004

The Remaking of Community: Crofting, Forestry & the Construction of the Crofter-Forester
A 1997 Centre for Rural Economy (CRE) Working Paper, Newcastle University. An older paper but with much still of interest and relevance

Policy Papers

SCF Crofting Policy Resolution – 2011
Issued by the Scottish Crofting Federation for the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Election. Calls for (amongst other things) 5,000 new woodland crofts by 2020

Consultation Responses

Woodland Crofts submission to the Draft Moray Woodland and Forestry Strategy
Response submitted to Moray Council counsultation on their draft forestry strategy, May 2017

Woodland Crofts submission to Land Reform Consultation
Response submitted to the Consultation on the Future of Land Reform in Scotland by the Woodland Crofts Partnership, February 2015

Woodland Crofts submission to LRRG
Evidence submitted to the Land Reform Review Group by the Woodland Crofts Partnership, January 2013

Woodland Crofts submission to SRDP Stage 1 Consultation
A brief response to the consultation highlighting key issues for the Woodland Crofts Partnership, July 2013