Guest Post – Argyll Small Woods Survey

We have been asked to share the following on behalf of the Argyll Small Woods Cooperative:

Argyll has a rich woodland heritage and a very active forestry sector.  The nature of the forestry industry primarily focused on large scale coniferous sites and less on small scale woodlands and integrated farming and forestry.

The Argyll Small Woods Cooperative is in business to support small woodland management and has embarked on an exciting project, which has the overall objective of encouraging and enhancing the active management of small woods in Argyll.

Small woods do not have the need, or for that matter the finances, to employ a forester to manage woodland management operations.  There is however potential for a Shared Forester; the sharing of forestry expertise that will introduce innovative management techniques and ideas, promote networking, and introduce sustainable models for longer term support for small woodland owners, farmers and crofters and/or managers and contractors.

Before we can embark on funding applications to support a Shared Forester, we need to gather information on the small woods resource in Argyll and their management.

We are carrying out a survey of farmers and crofters and small woodland owners which will establish the nature of the woodland resource, understand the motivations and aspirations of woodland owners, as well as identify the “market” for the environmental and social “woodland services” that can be developed and the economic benefits that might be expected.

As well as carrying out a survey of small woodland owners, we are keen to hear from the people who carry out management activities in woodland.  This will help the Coop and its members to know who can do work in the area, and also identify issues contractors are facing.

Please help us gather the information needed to support a Shared Forester model by completing this questionnaire

This survey should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes and, on completion of the survey, you will be entered into a Prize Draw to win a voucher worth £50 at a retailer of your choice.  If you wish to be included, please provide your contact details in the final question of the survey.

This survey has been developed by the Argyll Small Woods Cooperative in partnership with NFUS, RDI Associates Ltd and Acres.


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